GAYLORD SHEPPARD Memorial Tournament 2024 Registration Hotels


Elite FC Corrales Presents
2024 Gaylord Shepard Memorial Soccer Tournament 
Pueblo of Santa Ana Sports Complex

Sandia Cup is open to all currently registered USYSA, Club Soccer, ODP, AYSO, and SAY boys and girls teams. A max of 3 guest players may be added with completed guest player approval form from the state association. The following maximum roster sizes will be allowed: At U13 – 19, 22 players may be registered on the team but ONLY 18 players may be rostered to play in each game. The corresponding maximum roster figures (in parenthesis) are as follows for these age groups:  U11 & U12 – 9v9 (16), and U9 – 10 7v7 (12).

The maximum roster size INCLUDES any and all guest players. No player may play for more than one team in the Sandia Cup; dual registered players must declare in writing which team they are playing for if both their teams are registered in the tournament. Pass cards for each player and coach must also be presented to the referee prior to each game. The age of all players shall be determined according to the Rule 204 of US Youth Soccer’s Policy on Players and Player Rules.

We will follow the current New Mexico COVID -19 Public Health Order in effect at the time of this tournament and the current NMYSA guidelines.


To register/check in the team for the tournament.

Check-in Info:


  • Official association team rosters

  • Player cards/coach cards

  • Medical release forms

  • Guest player forms (NMYSA allows NM teams to just handwrite guest players into the roster, other states still require forms. Please check with your registrar for your state's process)

  • Permission to travel forms from respective state association if team is from outside of the West Region.


IFAB Laws shall apply with the following exceptions: Unlimited substitutions (except for U17 and above games with brackets that include a team from outside the US) shall be from the midfield line with the consent of the referee at any stoppage of play.  For U17 and above games in brackets that include a team from outside the US, a maximum of six substitutions (per team) will be allowed. The modified rules for the U9-U11 small-sided games can be found in the current Duke City Soccer League Metro Coaches Handbook located at


  • U9-U10 - 20 Min Halves

  • U11-U12 - 25 Min Halves

  • U13-U14 - 30 Min Halves

  • U15 and Older - 35 Min Halves


Each team will be scheduled to play a minimum of four games if weather and circumstance allow. The type of schedule depends on the number of teams in the age group bracket.


Ties will stand in all games except in Semi Final and Championship games.  In Semi Final games, no overtime will be played the winner is decided by kicks from the mark (KFTM) in accordance with FIFA Laws of the Game. In Championship games, ties will be played off in two (2) EQUAL 5-minute overtime periods. A “golden goal”, where the first team to score wins, WILL NOT be used. If a tie still exists at the end of both overtime periods, the winner will be determined by kicks from the mark (KFTM) in accordance with FIFA Laws of the Game.


Any coach or player sent off the field by the referee (red card) for misconduct shall be suspended from the following game. The offending coach or player must leave the field for the remainder of the game and move to a distance where they cannot be heard by anyone involved with playing or coaching the game and refrain from communicating with either team. No substitution shall be allowed for an ejected player. ONE (1) point shall be deducted from the team’s point total for EACH red card issued. The pass card shall be held by the referee and turned over to the field marshal. The pass card may be retrieved after the completion of the next game, when the player or coach is eligible to return to the field. Red cards will be reported to the home state associations. Upon written request, the tournament will honor all suspensions and disciplinary actions taken by the team’s home league and will communicate appropriate league and state authorities information or discipline administered during the tournament. Matters involving referee assault or abuse will be referred immediately to the host state association. Coaches are responsible for the conduct of their players and spectators at all times during the tournament.


Points shall be awarded thusly: Three (3) points for a win, One (1) point for a tie, and Zero (0) points for a loss. In the event of a forfeit, Three (3) points will be awarded for the forfeit win and Zero (0) to the forfeiting team. In the event of a tie in total points, placement for out of bracket play will be determined in this order: (1) winner of head to head competition, (2) greatest total goal difference—up to 4 per game, (3) most total goals for (limit 4 per game), (4) least total goals allowed (limit 4 per game), (5) FIFA penalty kicks if possible, and (6) a coin toss. The game report including scores, cautions and ejections will be filled out and signed by the referee and handed to the referee coordinator at the site where the games are played. The scorekeeper at the site will compile and report the results on the field scoreboard and keep a copy in the scorebook.


If a team is unable to field (7) players (for teams playing 11v11), (6) players (for teams playing 9v9), (5) players (for teams playing 7v7), (15) minutes after the scheduled game time, that team will forfeit that game. Since the purpose of the tournament is to play the games and the tournament hosts a number of out of state teams unfamiliar with the venues or because there may have been last minute changes that were not properly communicated, the Tournament Director will consider the reasons for the team’s tardiness before declaring a forfeit or allowing additional time before declaring a forfeit. If a team forfeits a game without justifiable cause, it will be disqualified from semi-final and Championship games.


No animals, alcoholic beverages, verbal abuse, or physical abuse will be allowed on any of the fields or in the parking lots. No smoking will be allowed near the fields. No coach, spectator or bench personnel are to enter the field of play during a game, PARTICULARLY if an incident occurs on the field. Coaches and substitutes may enter the field only when indicated to do so by the referee. Only the team captains or coaches of the team may address the referee before, during, or after a game, and then only for the purpose of information, not to question decisions. This applies from the time the referee arrives at the venue until he/she leaves, not just during the game. Under NO circumstances should anyone ever a touch a referee. Instead of addressing the referee, attendees are to write down their concerns and give them to one of the Field Marshals or any tournament official. Participants are to be properly chaperoned at all times, including while at the hotels. Under NO circumstances will destructive, threatening or out of control behavior will be tolerated. Violation of these guidelines can result in barring the offending person(s) from the fields, suspension or cancellation of games, or ejection of person(s) &/or entire teams from the tournament. All serious infractions will be reported to the state associations. The team representative will be required to provide a signed conduct form indicating that all the participants and spectators have been informed of these conduct guidelines.


The game ball shall be provided by the home team, if they do not have a ball that is acceptable to the referee the visiting team may provide the ball.  The visiting team may request that the ball be a white or white and black color.


Home team is designated as the first team listed on the schedule. For games with no teams listed (e.g. Championship), the team with the name in the schedule first alphabetically will be the home team. Both teams must bring two sets of uniforms to each game. The home team is required to wear the light uniform (including socks) and the away team is required to wear the dark uniform (including socks). If in the opinion of the Referee, there is a color conflict, the team causing the conflict must change.

Home teams typically wear white or light colors. The referee will determine if there is a conflict and the home team will be required to change. A player’s uniform shall consist of a shirt, shorts, socks, shin guards, and appropriate footwear. Teams must wear uniquely numbered shirts, with the number on each player’s shirt corresponding to his/her number on the roster. Goalkeepers shall wear colors that distinguish them from other players. Hard casts with adequate padding will be permitted at the discretion of the match referee, soft casts are permitted with the approval of the match referee.


If play is suspended (for inclement weather, field conditions or other situations beyond the tournament’s control), after the completion of the first half, that game shall be considered complete and official. If a game is suspended prior to completing the first half, the tournament committee shall decide how to complete the game (a shorter game or a PK shootout). There will be absolutely NO REFUNDS issued for delayed, suspended, or cancelled games.


NO protests will be allowed. Decisions by referees MAY NOT be appealed. Eligibility issues and the interpretation of these rules shall be the responsibility of the Tournament Director and those decisions are final and MAY NOT be appealed.